Tuesday, October 3, 2023

Lafayette December Graduates Of The University Of Mississippi

The Lyceum at Ole Miss Photo by Robert Jordan / Ole Miss Communications

The following students from your area are among more than 700 December 2016 University of Mississippi graduates.

Lianyi Fan, Master of Science
Manjit Narayan Joshi, Master of Science
Jaeyong Shin, Master of Science
Kartick Prakash Shirur, Doctor of Philosophy
Lakeshia Ilene Brock, Bachelor of Arts
Teiandra Shatera Campbell, Bachelor of Arts
Carrie Elizabeth Cowart, Bachelor of Arts
Patricia Maria Defelice, Bachelor of Arts
Stephanie Cileste Donald, Bachelor of Science
Charles Ellzey, Bachelor of Arts
Hannah Grace Michael, Bachelor of Arts
James Joseph Reidy, Bachelor of Arts
Marissa Danielle St. Peters, Bachelor of Arts
Charles Mason Harris, Bachelor of General Studies
Claude Webster Lewis, Bachelor of General Studies
Jeremy Liggins, Bachelor of General Studies
Michael Gene Rains, Bachelor of General Studies
Erika Sh’rell Sisk, Bachelor of General Studies
Charlette Nicole Smith, Bachelor of General Studies
Chasity Nicole Arbuckle, Specialist in Education
Patches Magee Calhoun, Specialist in Education
Camon Franklin, Master of Education
Ann Lawson Hobart, Master of Science
Philip Robert Jacquot, Master of Education
Janine Marie Lee, Specialist in Education
Curtis Michael Minton, Master of Education
Billy Russell Roach, Master of Health Care Administration
Jasmine Roberson, Specialist in Education
Tanya Robertson, Master of Education
Martha Waite Spragins, Master of Social Work
Kaitlyn Anne Crawford, Bachelor of Science
Blake Barron Johnson, Bachelor of Arts in Journalism
Eden Elizabeth Sandlin, Bachelor of Science
Sudhamsu Upadhyay, Bachelor of Arts in Journalism
Edmund Philip Bozesky, Bachelor of Accountancy
Miles James Magness, Bachelor of Accountancy
Thomas Mitchell, Bachelor of Accountancy
William Shelby Shaw, Bachelor of Accountancy
Amanda Rebecca Simpson, Bachelor of Accountancy
Alanna Hope Tidwell, Bachelor of Accountancy
Mariah Lee’andrea Buford, Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice
Ashley Morgan Fyfe, Bachelor of Social Work
Robert Wilson Goggans, Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science
John Russell Hardman, Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science
James Keyshawn Ivy, Bachelor of Paralegal Studies
Austin Myles Smith, Bachelor of Science
Christian Henry Cornell, Bachelor of Business Administration
Thomas Oron King, Bachelor of Business Administration
Kelly Walker McKenzie, Bachelor of Business Administration
Nicholas Ryan Rutherford, Bachelor of Business Administration
Wilson Saunders Sharp, Bachelor of Business Administration
Alexander Daniel Shields, Bachelor of Business Administration
Tanner Jordan Parsons, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering
Jennifer Ann Urban, Master of Laws

Courtesy of the Ole Miss News Desk
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