Saturday, September 23, 2023

6 Places In Oxford To Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

If you’re stuck in Oxford over Spring Break, turn that frown into a smile by stuffing your face with some delicious dessert! Come on, step off the elliptical for just 10 minutes and try these one-of-a-kind sweets that our great town has to offer! You DESERVE this!

Bottletree Bakery

Blueberry Humble Pie
Humble your cravings with Bottletree’s famous Blueberry Humble Pie! This pastry is a nice morning or afternoon treat paired with a warm Bowl of Soul. #goodforthesoul

Sinfully Southern Bakery

Painted Lavender Macaroons
These gourmet macaroons will treat your taste buds! This delicious delicacy will satisfy any sweet tooth so fast it’s “sinful” 😉


Banana Crème Pie
Banana is a fruit… soooo this pie is totally healthy for you! Right? This Banana Crème Pie from McEwen’s will melt in your mouth, so be sure to save room for this perfect post-meal treat!

The Cakery

Cookie Sandwich With Sprinkles
Sprinkles are always a yes at this cakery! These sweet necessities can make even the gloomiest day seem bright and colorful! Go ahead and pick up your cookie sandwich from The Cakery..I won’t tell!

Holli’s Sweet Tooth

Assorted “Jelly Belly” Wall
The name says it all! From ice cream, jelly beans and pretty much every candy you can imagine, Holli’s Sweet Tooth is sure to satisfy those sweet cravings. #iwantcandy

Old Venice 

Tiramisu Drizzled With Chocolate Syrup
The tiramisu from Old Venice is almost too pretty to eat! ….almost. Tiramisu for two? Or just one? This dessert is so light and fluffy that you won’t feel guilty with each bite!…or five.

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