Saturday, October 31, 2020

Lafayette County Removes Corporal Punishment from School District

By Alyssa Schnugg
News Editor

The Lafayette County School District Board approved a request Monday from the administration of its schools to remove corporal punishment as a disciplinary action option from the district.

In June, the board reviewed the request submitted by Assistant Superintendent Patrick Robinson on behalf of the school district’s principals and other administration members.

Robinson said the administrators of the LCSD wanted to remove the option of using corporal punishment on students.

While it’s still allowed by state law, Robinson said administrators feel it’s ineffective and there is a concern of liability.

Corporal punishment was already not allowed to be used on students who have disabilities and have an IEP – Individualized Education Program, or a temporary disability – or a 504 plan. If it’s used on a student with one of those education plans, the district could have been at risk for a lawsuit.

The high school hasn’t used corporal punishment as a disciplinary option for at least 10 years, according to Robinson, and it was used “about eight or nine times” in the elementary schools.

Other forms of allowed disciplinary actions include in-school suspension, detention and out-of-school suspension.