Saturday, January 29, 2022

Child Missing Military Dad Prompts King Twins to Pen ‘Christmas Wish’

By Alyssa Schnugg
News editor


A conversation with a young child while Christmas shopping several years ago led Margaret and Katherine “Kat” King to tell their story through song.

That song, “My Christmas Wish” has come to life in a new video starring county music singer Trae Edwards.

Margaret King and her twin sister, Kat, were standing in line to pay for their Christmas gifts several years ago when Kat asked the child what Santa was going to bring them for Christmas.

“It could have been a boy or a girl, wrapped warmly in a coat, scarf and knitted beanie,” Margaret said. “Their response was, ‘I’ve prayed to God to please let my daddy come home on Christmas Day because he’s been gone a long time serving our country, far away. Then I asked Santa to put my daddy under our Christmas tree. That’s my only Christmas wish. All I want is for my daddy to be home with me on Christmas Day. Don’t you think Santa could bring him home on his big red sleigh?’”

With their hearts melted, the two women went home and sat down and wrote the lyrics to “My Christmas Wish.”

The King sisters worked with Edwards last year when they wrote the song, “Color Blind,” which was also recorded by Edwards along with singing artist Eliz Camacho. Parts of the video were filmed in Oxford.

Once Edwards, who is also the King sisters’ agent, read the lyrics, he agreed to record the song and release it as a single and possibly put it on his future album, “Hope.”

Music and arrangement for both songs were done by Geron Davis, who scored “On Holy Ground” for Barbra Streisand.

“We had no idea that when producing a song, the music comes first then the lyrics,” Margaret said. “That didn’t seem to matter to a pro like Geron Davis. He took the lyrics and magically put music to the words and the results for both songs were perfect.”

Trae Edwards

Edwards has had a long and varied career in Nashville. He is a producer, professional photographer and mixing and mastering engineer. He released his first album, “I Believed,” in 2013, then followed up with and co-produced the album, “Voices,” in 2015, which featured performances by William Lee Golden and Joe Bonsall of the Oak Ridge Boys, Larry Stewart of Restless Heart and others.

The King twins have dabbled in rap, promoting their books and using their talents to help local charities. They have published three novels, “Y’all Twins?,” “Which is Which?” and “Our Josephine,” and three children’s books, “The Backyard Campout,” “BOO!” and “Kicking and Screaming.”

‘My Christmas Wish’ is dedicated to all children — babies to teens — whose parents are serving our great country in a land far away during the holidays, and their wish is for Mommy or Daddy to come home,” Margaret said recently. “Our paths crossed with one precious child as we stood in line to purchase gifts and we suddenly realized how hard it must be for all military families during the holidays and this song, ‘My Christmas Wish’ is our way of saying ‘Thank you.’”

“My Christmas Wish” is available for purchase and streaming on all digital platforms, including Amazon, iTunes, Google Play, iHeart Radio, Spotify and Pandora. All proceeds for the song go to the KingTwins at Y’all Twins Margaret King Katherine King in support of their charity work for the kids and the elderly in need.