Monday, September 28, 2020

Lafayette Changes, Approves Proposed Tech Use Agreement; Sends Back to OSD

By Alyssa Schnugg
News editor

The Lafayette County School Board approved an amended version of an agreement sent to them from the Oxford School District recently on how to manage the School of Applied Technology.

Last month, OSD approved its version of the agreement and sent it back to Lafayette with a warning that an agreement had to be reached by the third week in January.

In the OSD approved version, each district would be given full and exclusive use of two of the four shop areas. Lafayette would be allocated two of the three classroom spaces, and Oxford would have the one remaining classroom space.

All other areas within the facility, including but not limited to the office area, outdoor spaces, restrooms, and storage facilities, shall be considered common space available to both parties.

However, the Lafayette County School Board changed the agreement to allocate Lafayette use of three shop areas and one classroom, leaving one shop area and two classrooms for Oxford.

Both school districts jointly own the building and the land where The Tech is located.

The two schools are currently part of a consortium that allows the districts to receive reimbursements from the state for teacher salaries. However, in June the OSD board expressed its intent to leave the consortium with LCSD and create its own Career Technology Education program so it can receive funding from the state for its program.

The agreement would dissolve the SAT board with each school district being in charge of its own programs.

Students of each district would be given an opportunity to take classes offered by each district.

The agreement will now go before the OSD for its approval. Last month, OSD Superintendent Brian Harvey said the agreement has to be signed by the end of January so that the classes can be listed in the course catalog which goes out to students in February.

The OSD board meets on Jan. 24.

Sports editor Adam Brown contributed to this story.