Thursday, March 30, 2023

Alston Chosen New ASB President

Alston Chosen ASB PresidentBy Christina Huck, senior journalism major, Meek School of Journalism and New Media

Ole Miss junior public policy major Gregory Alston was chosen as the new ASB president for 2013-2014 on Tuesday, following a student  election in which campaign violations were lodged and later dismissed against two Associated Student body candidates.

Alston and his opponent, Maddie Fumi, were accused of several campaign violations, including sticker infractions and misplaced flyers –– violations that could have disqualified the candidates had they exceeded $100 total in fines.

After the current ASB executives deliberated, Gregory Alston was announced the winner, with a total of 2, 906 votes and 1,056 more than Fumi.

“It was a very hard fought race and the student body really voiced who they wanted to win these elections with the biggest sweep and total percentage of votes cast,” said Matthew Keifer, outgoing ASB Attorney General.

Other election winners:

Vice President: Morgan Gregory

Treasurer: Carson Rutledge

Secretary: Allie Winters

Judicial Council Chair: Harrison Crabtree

Attorney General: Rob Pillow