Saturday, March 25, 2023

Former Rebel Encourages Chance Tetrick

Jerrell Powe adds his support for cancer patient 

Oxford resident Chance Tetrick has gained another supporter in his fight against leukemia—former Rebel defensive tackle Jerrell Powe.

You may have read some of our articles about 10-year old Chance and how he has developed a close bond with the current Rebel football team and staff. To be able to read the previous stories on Chance click on the name of the articles A Young Rebel Fan’s Courageous Battle, Oxfords Chance Tetrick Enjoys Meet the Rebels Day and Fins Up for Chance.

But as news of Chance’s courage and fortitude spreads, it is also touching the lives of former Rebel players like Powe. Last Friday, Powe placed a surprise call to Chance to offer the boy his thoughts and prayers.

Chance soon responded on Twitter with a picture of himself throwing up the Landshark sign, made famous by late Rebel player Tony Fein, to show his support for Powe and his NFL career.  The “Fins Up” sign is used by Rebels to signify their fighting spirit and relentless pursuit—two characteristics shared by both Powe and Chance.

Chance says, “Go, Jerrell, Go!” in a picture his family posted on Twitter.
Chance says, “Go, Jerrell, Go!” in a picture his family posted on Twitter.

In a Twitter post today, Powe added a picture of himself working out, and expressed his support of the young boy and the vigor with which he is battling his illness. “Who’s working out for Chance today?” he tweets. “I am!” he answers. He also posted the website,, where people can go to learn more about Chance, as well as how to contribute.

Powe sends a message of encouragement to Chance via Twitter.
Powe sends a message of encouragement to Chance via Twitter.

When asked why he has become involved with Chance and his fight, Powe explained: “My good friend Tony Fein served his country in Iraq and then invented the Landshark at Ole Miss.  When I see a young man like Chance going through so much and STILL holding the “Fins Up,” I love it. I know Tony would be so proud of Chance, and that is what the Landshark is all about.”

Powe’s friendship means the world to the young boy—who is quite the expert on all things Rebel Football. “Chance was so excited when Jerrell called,” said his mother, Jenn. “It really made his day.”

When asked Powe what touches him most about Chance, the star football player had this to say: “Everyone feels like his problems are the worst—but here we have a young man like Chance fighting something more serious than any of us can imagine, but yet he has nothing but strength and support for OTHERS. There is truly nothing more inspirational than that.”

How to help

If you would like to help support Chance Tetrick, please visit his website at, where you can make a donation, buy a ticket to the upcoming September 16th Benefit Dinner and Silent Auction, or learn other ways you may contribute.

— Evelyn Van Pelt, Sports Reporter

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